Radio Spectrum Decision Enhancement

The scarcity and inefficient utilization of radio spectrum resources have motivated researchers to look for advanced and innovative techniques and technologies that enable an efficient use of the spectrum resources.

This research project aims to advance knowledge and understanding of wireless communication scenarios in order to enrich the spectrum decision process in cognitive radio by considering the impact of uncertainty on the different stages of the cognitive cycle of adaptive radios: observing, decision making, and taking action.

Impact on Education

  • An elective course titled "Sensing the Radio Spectrum" was developed,
  • Lab activities, to expose students to various spectrum sensing techniques, were integrated in the course.
  • The lab activities required the use of GNU Radio and Software Defined Radio units.

To request lab activities, please contact Dr. Kaabouch at

Outreach Activities

Our oureach activities target K-12 and freshman engineering students. During outreach events, the project team demonstrated:

    • Research activities of the lab on wireless communication
    • Different types of signals and their frequency ranges
    • Programs and platforms used for processing signals
    • A MATLAB program that filters and analyses recorded speech signals by changing several parameters of the filter.
    • Each student recorded his/her own speech and modified a MATLAB program to analyze his/her speech signal.